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Providential Counseling & Consulting Services, PLLC.

Everyone goes through challenging situations. How we handle those stressful situations can have a lasting impact on our lives. Providential Counseling is here to help you navigate through those difficult times.

Here at Providential Counseling & Consulting, we provide therapeutic support for women who are experiencing emotional challenges encountered during pregnancy, post-partum, and parenthood. We enable women to become strong advocates for themselves and their children.



Individual therapy and life coaching for moms, pregnant women and couples. Make it easier for you to live your life. Say goodbye to depression and anxiety today.



We have a team of professionals that can help address your concerns and provide the help you need. We are here to inform, empower, and encourage parents to advocate for their child.


School-Based SERVICES

Is your school in need of classroom management techniques, social skills programs, counseling, or assessments? If so, our team can help.