Have you had a baby recently and just don’t seem to be yourself?

 Do you find yourself crying endlessly, agitated, overwhelmed, stressed, and falling apart?  You may be dealing with postpartum depression.  Post-partum depression affects 11 to 20% of women, according to the CDC. The symptoms may start a few weeks after child birth or six months later.  Postpartum depression not only affects you but your entire family, as well.  If you think you may be experiencing postpartum depression, call us today.  We will help you get back to yourself so that you can be the best you for yourself and your family!

Does it seem like your students are lacking social skills?

We offer social-emotional development through the use of puppets.  Our interactive puppet presentations focus on a variety of social skills that help to prevent and reduce inappropriate behaviors.  Our presentations are loosely based on the Incredible Years curriculum.  We have a team of seasoned professionals that were former teachers and school counselors.  If social-emotional skills are needed on your campus or classroom, call us today for more information.

Are they having trouble describing  their feelings, solving problems, managing their anger, and getting along with other students?  In today’s classroom, there is an ever increasing demand on academics and little to no time for social development.  Research indicates that puppets can “break down barriers and provide an effective means to initiate communication” (Greensmith, A., 2015).

Source: Greensmith, A. (2015).  Puppets in Education, Retrieved December 28, 2015 from http://www.creativityinstitute.com/puppetsineducation.aspx.

Empowering Parents to Action!

Has your child been recently diagnosed with a disability?  Are you feeling lost and  overwhelmed, not sure what to do?  Do you need help understanding the ins and outs of the educational system?  

Or maybe you are already involved in the Special Education process but feel overwhelmed at every ARD meeting?   Are you unsure of how to prepare for these meetings or get your needs met for your child?  

We can help!  We have a team of professionals that can help address your concerns and provide the help you need.  We are here to inform, empower, and encourage parents to advocate for their child.

Are you a recent graduate of a counseling program in need of supervision to acquire your LPC?  I offer supervision services in both individual and group formats.  However, no more than 50% of the total hours of supervision may be received in group supervision.   

We look for interns that exhibit the following characteristics: 

-ethical and moral foundation

-eager to learn and develop counseling skills

-accepts responsibility and respectful of the supervisor-supervisee relationship

-organized, professional, and insightful

I offer leadership and guidance in the development of your clinical and administrative skills.  I supervise interns that are working at sites that do not provide an in-house supervisor.  Please contact me if you think we would be a good fit.  I will need your resume and 3 professional references.  From there, we can arrange an interview.  I look forward to speaking with you!

Do you have students on your campus with behavioral difficulties?

 Do you need help with classroom  management or behavioral strategies? Do you have students in need of academic or psychological assessments?

Maybe you have students that could benefit from counseling on your campus. We offer school-based psychological services to schools.

In addition, if training, workshops, or staffing are needed those can be provided, as well.

We would love to work with your school district or campus to improve the live's of your students!